Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lauren's Birthday Party

Took these at my girlfriend's birthday party at The Reef in Victoria. The flash works really well even bouncing off of the wall behind me. I had a lot of fun shooting these :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Canon 420EX

Picked up a Canon 420EX flash recently as a belated hanukkah present, so you can expect the photo quality to sharply drop and then improve on a marked bell curve as I figure out how it works. Keep your eyes peeled for updates as soon as I can get some alkaline batteries for this bastard.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bend Sinister

A lovely little show in downtown Victoria with the UVic crew. Green coloured walls and my crappy on-camera flash.

Cambie - Main

Between Cambie and Main St. on the south side of the Cambie bridge there is a pretty big semi-industrial district full of warehouses and nondescript design companies. It looks pretty cool at night, and on walks back to my house on warm evenings from concerts at the Casa Del Artista it's a really nice place to wander through.

Obama's Retinue (Not my photos)

Scout Tufankjian's photos of Obama's secret service members are awesomely framed and really well shot, definitely worth a look. Click on the slideshow link on the top left of the article to go through them.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Critical Mass June 2008

The last friday of every month in Vancouver and many other cities around the world hosts a huge bicycle rally called Critical Mass, a sort of rolling reclamation of the roads as public space. Since June is bike month, it's always the biggest turnout for Vancouver - over 1800 bikes was the counted consensus this time. I highly encourage anyone with any kind of bike, rollerblades, unicycle, etc. etc. to participate in this enthusiastic ritual.

Disney House Party

"So heres the scoop: class ends 3 of December, that’s what the Wednesday, 2 weeks from now. Lets do it, have some fun, why not? the plan: Disney dress up. That’s right, all those good fun characters will be getting their drink on. Do what you want, go all out, or not, whatever. For your arrival, make it sometime between the hours of 8 30 and 1 ishh, we’ll be crackin open our first bevs at around 8, feel free to join us if your feelin ansy. I know I am. "

Downtown Vancouver

Chances are, if you pick a day to go on a photo shoot in Vancouver, it's going to be raining. This day was no different. My friend Joss had her own real photo assignment for her classes at Langara, so I tagged along and pretended I knew what I was doing.

Downtown Victoria

I've always really liked Victoria, so now that I live here I decided to go downtown and explore my new temporary home. The city has such an elegant mix of old and new charm and looks great in the sunshine.